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Paint Enhancement

Paint Enhancement

Services are charged a 7.25% NC Sales Tax

Paint enhancement is your affordable gateway to a higher-end detailing experience at Tang Mobile Detailing. This service focuses on refining your vehicle's paint by minimizing minor imperfections, enhancing gloss, and restoring shine without the comprehensive restoration of a full correction. It's a cost-effective option that elevates your car's appearance, making it an excellent entry point into more advanced detailing services. Experience an improvement in your vehicle's aesthetics without breaking the bank with our expert paint enhancement service.

Has your paint lost its clarity or fallen victim to oxidation?

Tang Mobile Detailing's Paint Enhancement service might just be the answer. Our specialized treatment rejuvenates your car's paint, restoring clarity and bringing back that showroom shine. Say goodbye to dullness and hello to a refreshed, revitalized appearance. Experience the transformation with our Paint Enhancement service, designed to breathe new life into your vehicle's paintwork

Please give us a call 919-670-6062 for pricing today or Click Here to fill out a submission form to schedule an appointment with us!

Our Paint Enhancement service includes 

Exterior includes

  • Presoak

  • Snow Foam

  • Premium hand contact wash

  • Thorough wheel/tire cleaning

  • Wheel wheels

  • Full body iron decontamination

  • Full body clay treatment

  • Door Jams

  • Tire Dressing

  • Trim Restoration

  • Paint Enhancement Process

  • IPA Panel Wipe Down

  • 5-6 Month TECH CHOICE ceramic sealant 

Don't miss out on safeguarding your freshly corrected paint! Secure it with a true ceramic coating for lasting brilliance and protection.

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