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Raleigh Ceramic Coating


Introducing Tang Mobile Detailing's Starter Protection service – your entryway to enhanced vehicle defense. Our package features a robust layer of Gyeon Q2 ONE EVO, providing a fundamental shield against environmental elements and minor abrasions. Complemented by the Gyeon Q2 Trim coating, this service ensures a tailored finish for your vehicle's trim surfaces.

Ideal for those seeking an initial coating experience, our Starter Protection service offers an accessible entry point into improved protection and a refined aesthetic. Discover the foundational advantages of our Starter Protection service, offering a great introduction to fortified vehicle care

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Services are charged a 7.25% NC Sales Tax

Whats Included

Gyeon ONE EVO - Last up to 2 years

  • 1 Layer of Gyeon Q2 ONE EVO 

  • Gyeon Q2 Trim coating

  • Great entry level coating

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