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TMD Maintenance Program

After receiving our Signature Service, you are now eligible for our maintenance program. It's important to maintain your vehicle's appearance to preserve the results for as long as possible. A maintenance program involves regular upkeep of your car's exterior and interior, including cleaning and protection. You can keep your vehicle looking and feeling like new for years to come. Regular cleaning and protection can help preserve your car's appearance and prevent damage from the elements and everyday wear and tear.

*If you are interested in joining our program, we will assess scheduling after our signature service has been completed.

What you will receive for maintenance

✓Agitation Wash
✓Wheel wells
✓Wheels / Tires
✓Door Jams
✓Tire Dressing
✓Glass Wipedown
✓Interior Vacuum
✓Interior Wipedown
✓Interior Blowout
✓Glass Wipedown
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