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Paint Correction

Revive your investment.


What Is A Paint Correction?

Paint correction is a intense process in removing surface scratches, swirl marks, hazing, marring, oxidation, and other imperfections in your paint. Its a fantastic way to bring back the original shine and clarity!


Stage 1 Paint Correction

This service is designed for vehicles that are looking for a paint enhancement than paint perfection. Targeting The appearance and finish can be improved up to 60%-75%. It is more than recommend for Any car enthusiast out there


Machine Waxing

Waxing your vehicle will Protect your paint from damaging sun rays, abrasive dirt, and chemicals around the environment while providing intense gloss to your vehicle

Stage 2 Paint Correction

This service is designed for vehicles looking for paint enhancement. It is an intensive process with using a 2 step approach to remove swirl marks, moderate marring, holograms, and oxidation. All body panels are compounded for the first step to remove and reduce imperfections. Once the 1st step is complete, the paint is then polished and finished to enhance its clarity, gloss, and depth. 75%-95% of imperfections can be removed with his process. This service is recommended for anyone looking for near perfection 

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